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High quality, high precision, high standards... all this is now also made in Germany!

windhunter_gmbh is the german part of windhunter_group. Germany, and the rest of Western Europe, is the target market of windhunter_gmbh.

Our tightly-knit 80-person team already finds itself called into action a few times a week. This is our response to the growing demand in the mother country of wind energy. We look with enthusiasm into the future, and towards all places where we are yet to leave our footprints.

wind measurement

Why measuring wind

A wind farm is a huge investment, whereas the costs for a high quality measurement are quite low in relation to the overall investment. Nevertheless many project developers and investors don’t want to pay for a high quality wind measurement even if the cost is low compared to the overall investment: is such a high quality measurement really necessary? Why do I have to measure a whole year? Why can’t I use cheaper solutions? What does a cheap, low-quality solution mean for the whole wind power project?

products & services

Since 1999 we are active in the field of wind measurement. Thanks to our vast experience and competence we are able to offer high quality wind measurement as a turnkey service, including met mast, lidar, or sodar, the measuring system, installation and service – strictly complying with IEC 61400 and ISO 9001! Our team stands for the highest quality of our products and services. Reliability is our highest priority. We realize even the most complex measurement project in the area of wind resources.

The reliable assessment of energy potential is the key issue for wind park planning

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