Cooperation for wind measurement in Africa

Windhunter from Poland and Stoneage Renewables from South Africa agreed to offer met masts and windmeasurement jointly for the African market – and abroad. The CEOs of both companies, Roman Synowski and Wayne Flint, signed a letter of Intend to create a joint venture named “Windhunter Africa” when they met in Berlin in October.

Both companies complement each other perfectly in the field of wind measurement. Windhunter’s asset is 15 years of experience in building met masts, windhunter’s own designs for masts of up to 160m height, as well as excellent contacts in the European wind energy business. Though active in international markets from the beginning, the focus of windhunter was Europe, whereas Stone Age Renewables has its roots in Africa, with excellent contacts to the African wind industry as well was strong experience with the demanding and challenging wind measurement sites all over Africa. The lawyer Piotr Ziarko from BZK Legal & Tax advised the companies in legal terms during the negotiations.

“When I think about the future of wind power, I think of Africa” – so said Roman Synowski when signing the cooperation agreement in Berlin. The African market is very promising. While Europe mainly just recognizes wars, hunger, and crisis in Africa, many African countries show a steady economic growth – which is connected with an increasing demand for electric energy. To avoid a growing dependence from imported fossil fuels, many of these countries support renewable energies such as wind power. And so – mostly unnoticed by Europe – a very growing market for renewables is developing in Africa, which which can offer a lot of opprotunities for companies willing to invest in Africa.