Windhunter Africa hits the ground running: first projects in South Africa

Windhunter Africa, the youngest company in the windhunter group, hits the ground running: after intense negotiations and a very successful trade show in South Africa the new company is now established in Cape Town. The effort pays off: Windhunter Africa is installing eight met masts for two international clients in South Africa.
In October 2015, Roman Synowski, CEO of Windhunter Group, and Wayne Flint, CEO of Stoneage Renewables had signed a cooperation agreement to establish a joint venture in South Africa. The first milestone was the Windaba exhibition in Cape Town in November, where both companies presented the joint venture “Windhunter Africa” for the first time: “the success was realy surprising”, Maciej Laz, general manager of Windhunter GmbH in Berlin, states. From March 2016 he will manage the new company Windhunter Africa. The demand for high quality met masts made by windhunter is high - in December the first orders were signed.
The schedule for these projects is quite tight: customers want to start the measurement as soon as possible, but they also demand for highest quality and strictly complying with international standards as IEC 61400-12. This is the strength of Windhunter – even in demanding conditions the wind measurement experts ensure highest quality and reliability of their met masts and measurement data, which is most important when you want to build and run a windfarm successfully.
Windhunter Africa offers the best of both partners: Windhunter has gained know how and expertise in more than 850 wind measurement campaigns throughout the past 15 years and offers quality „made in Europe“, whereas Stone age Renewables is well experienced in different African markets and has conducted several measurement campaigns throughout the continent. The new company seems to meet the demands precisely: „we regarded Africa as a promising for quite a while, but we did not expect our market entry to be so successful“, Rafal Kramek, CEO at Windhunter, says.