met masts

wind measurement masts and self-supported wind measurement towers

A measuring mast is a stable structure designed to accom- modate various meterological sensors at a range of heights. It is used primarily to measure wind speed and direction, but also to measure other parameters such as temperature, hu- midity, atmospheric pressure and precipitation.

The data acquired by the measuring masts allows for the pre- cise estimation of wind energy potential and for the making of informed choices when selecting the type and model of wind turbine for a given location.

We offer:

• two types of measuring masts: 

— lattice (30 - 160 m) 

— telescopic/tube (50 - 100 m)

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windhunter masts and towers

  • meet all required quality standards forinstance IEC 61-400, TR6 (Technische Richtlinien für Windenergieanlagen)
  • are constructed from anti-corrosive S355 steel 
  • are constructed with bespoke structual elements designed to withstand the specific conditions of the intended location throughout the duration of the measuring campaign