windhunter_gmbh offers a complex service in the fileds of wind measurement, production and selling of wind meauring systems.


Administrative procedures

Comprehensive administrative handling, from deignating a site fot the mast, to the acquisition of building permits and its eventual demolution.


Measurement data management

Full range of data services, including: collection, control, administration, monitoring, protection, analysis and validation.


Repair and maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance, emergincy repairs, periodical replacement of measuring instruments.



Removal of measuring system, transpotation and storage of equipment and structure.

Windhunter provides standard measurement systems according to IEC 61400-12, MEASNET and TR6, but also offers highly customized measurement systems for special purposes, offering a wide range of sensors and measuring devices according to our customers needs. If you are interested in our standard or custom made measeurement systems don't hesitate to contact us!