Windhunter GmbH was established in 2012 in Berlin, but our roots and origins are reaching back to the times when we founded Windhunter in Koszalin in 1999, sharing the same experience and know how. The German market is totally different than the Polish market: in northern Germany reference turbines are available for almost every potential site, so hardly any measurement was needed there. The situation changed when modern light wind turbines with hub heights of up to 140m and more made even the low wind sites in mid and southern Germany profitable – and with hardly any reference data source available the demand for high met masts was rapidly increasing. To be closer to the market and to our German customers we established Windhunter GmbH in Berlin.

Windhunter was founded in 1999 in Koszalin. Our first product was a 50 m met mast equipped with high quality measuring system and sensors by Ammonit and Thies. Within 15 years our company was growing steadily, and so did our range of products and services. Today we can offer complete measurement campaigns as a one-stop solution: the siting of the met mast, choosing the measuring equipment and sensors, shipping, installation, commissioning, checking the data, maintenance and service, as well as dismantling the met mast after finishing the measurement campaign. During all the stages of a measurement campaign we guarantee highest quality and reliability. That’s why our met masts and services are well known and valued throughout the whole wind industry.


With Windhunter growing steady over the years we developed new products and services along the value chain of the wind power business, we entered new markets and opened new subsidiaries. In 2011 we established windhunter_group as a holding company for all the different branches: windhunter_serwis sp. z o. o. still is the heart and origin of the group, providing high quality met masts and all related services; akademia_wiatru sp. z o. o. is located at the opposite site of the value chain, providing the Basic Safety Training according to GWO-Standards for wind turbine technicians; windhunter_global_export is our trading company; windhunter_GmbH is our branch in Berlin, which takes care of our German customers and their projects in Germany and abroad; windhunter_africa is the newest branch of our group, located in Cape Town, South Africa and responsible for the African market.